Aroma Therapy

Healing Process

Aromatherapy is the therapy of using the natural essential oils for healing and cosmetic purposes extracted from flowers,bark,stems,leaves,roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being.

A form of alternative medicine,aromatherapy is gaining momentum.It is used for a variety of applications including pain relief,mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.There are a wide number of essential oils available each with its own healing properties.

The inhaled aroma from these "essential" oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function.Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing.

Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy that treats the mind,body and spirit.

Conditions Helped by Aroma Therapy :-

  • Ability to reduce anxiety
  • Antidepressant Capacity
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Speed up the healing process and eliminate headaches
  • Boost cognitive performance,induce sleep,strengthen the immune system,reduce pain and improve digestion
  • Increase circulation,Stress Relief and Memory.

Treatment Info

  • We remain open MON - SUN: 10 am to 7 pm
  • Our Healing Therapies have duration of 60, 90 to 120 mins.
  • Therapies are done by prior appointments only
  • Please Call / SMS / WhatsApp for Appointments 09930181372 / 534
  • * Chat with us on Skype: live:zionholistichealingcentre


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