Champissage Therapy

Healing Process

"Champissage is a simple technique of massage,specific to the head",it is gentle and is recommended for everybody.

Conditions Helped by Champissage Therapy :-

  • Champissage deeply calms the mind and the individual maintains equipoise.
  • It also involves acupressure,shiatsu and massage techniques on the face,shoulder,scalp,upper back,arms and hand.
  • Champissage are improvement in self esteem,increase in confidence,alleviation of stress,rebalances energy,boosts immune system and promotes relaxation ease from muscle tension and relief from pain.
  • Champissage revitalises the individual and improves their concentration power
  • It proves effective against tension,stress, fatigue,sinusitis,migraine,stress,headache,insomnia,fatigue and strain.
  • Improved circulation
  • Improved mental ability
  • Relief from tension and pain and
  • Relaxation

Treatment Info

  • We remain open MON - SUN: 10 am to 7 pm
  • Our Healing Therapies have duration of 60, 90 to 120 mins.
  • Therapies are done by prior appointments only
  • Please Call / SMS / WhatsApp for Appointments 09930181372 / 534
  • * Chat with us on Skype: live:zionholistichealingcentre


Thursday is exclusively for requested prayers only which requires no energy exchange.

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