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We wish to be of service and healing open to all mankind / whoever really asks to be Always In Gratitude for a better tomorrow.

About Me

I’ve seen a lot of souls change their lifestyles, lives, thoughts, nature, relationships. With my vast, diversified and learning filled life and healing experience, I’ve been on the spiritual path and such activities since childhood. Under the guidance of my mother and Gurus, I got my Guru Diksha at the age of 14 and it has been mostly my own world since. With simple living, always learning and understanding, I was born into an orthodox joint family and was always guided well with regards to this path / kind of life.

My parents and more so by my grandfather / grandparents were my first teachers. However my opinion and thoughts changed after a very shocking and grievous episode in my life when I was about to lose my 2nd child aged a mere 19 years. However, I did manage to get him back with the help of healing and prayers of my core group. Then, I took up my father's idea which was to share this gift and extend my horizons and skills to benefit others and help them heal and grow. I then became a qualified healer and now work with universal energies with the blessings of my peer group. I’m a healer since 2010. I’m also a Healer, Therapist, Light worker, Energy worker, Maa.

Our Motto : "When we Change the way we look at Things, the Things we look at Change".